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Come Inside

Our preschool is centered in the heart of Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood steps from local businesses, parks, and museums. We offer early childhood education for children aged 15 months to 6 years. At Urban Child Academy we know that children learn through exploring their environment, and we have worked hard to make ours an environment worth exploring. Within our newly renovated historic space, each floor is tailored toward educating specific ages. At Urban Child Academy, we believe that preschool is important and that the physical space is an integral part of the school. We have taken an existing urban space and completely transformed it into a lively school with a feel of home rather than a glass and linoleum store front.


Walker, Talkers and Friends!
The toddler classrooms are warm and inviting with brightly colored walls, and an open floor plan specifically designed to allow our beginning walkers to easily explore and move freely throughout the space. All aspects of the room are specifically designed to meet the needs of toddlers. The toddler-friendly sinks provide a space to teach the children about personal hygiene, just as the toddler-height mirrors help develop a sense of self. The toddler classrooms offer an abundance of experiences with various learning centers and sensory activities. Through a carefully researched, educational curriculum, toddlers begin to explore multiple step processes in whole group, small group, and independent activities.

Photo of Urban Child Academy's Gold Coast Toddler's room- bookshelf and play area
Photo of Urban Child Academy's Gold Coast Tddler's Room with play table and bins


Inching Toward Autonomous, Adventurers, Make-Believers!
Each 2s classroom is a safe, cooperative, creative realm where children are invited to actively pursue curiosities, interact positively with one another and experience authentic discoveries. The room is designed to inspire every child's natural curiosity and desire to discover his or her world. Flexible, cooperative exploration is encouraged and facilitated as children share a variety of carefully researched activities and learning materials. In this room, we focus on nurturing healthy relationships and developing each child's positive self image and sense of independence.

Photo of Urban Child Academy's Gold Coast Two's Room with carpet area and mantle
Photo of Urban Child Academy's Gold Coast Two's Room with child's chairs and cubbies


Abstract Thinkers, Negotiators, Initiators!
In the 3s classroom, student's development is all about finding conceptual meaning out of the concrete world. This fact inspires our curriculum planning process. Experiences are designed by teachers to challenge children's thinking and involve them in the problem solving adventure. We strive to make everything an exploration filled with a sense of wonder and excitement rooted in developmentally appropriate practice. The classrooms continually transform depending on our learning investigation and our students' interests. Physically, children in this age group are steadier on their feet and love to jump, climb, roll, run, and throw a ball, so we structure lots of time for large muscle activities, indoors and out.

Photo of Urban Child Academy's Gold Coast Three's Room with attendance hangers and chalkboard
Photo of Urban Child Academy's Gold Coast Three's Room with carpeted area and shelves with toys


Dramatic Players, Problem Solvers, Literarians!
Children in this age group are developing oral language rapidly and love to share stories and have discussions with their peers and teachers. Morning Meeting provides an opportunity for children to engage in oral language experiences, and practice being active listeners and taking turns. Here children will continue to develop a positive self image and respect for others as well as a strong sense of belonging to the group. Our daily routines and schedules support children's growth in all developmental areas (physical, cognitive, social and emotional). With guidance, children learn to manage their emotions, establish positive peer relationships, and engage in deeper levels of imaginative play. A strong foundation in social and emotional development advances all areas of development.

Photo of Urban Child Academy's Gold Coast two's and three's room with play bins and mantle
Photo of Urban Child Academy's Gold Coast two's and three's room with seating area and books