Urban Child Academy recognizes that families are the primary educators of our children. Therefore, one of our main missions is to include our families in our daily activities at every opportunity. We also work hard to share our curriculum goals with you and your family so that you can help us achieve our educational goals from year to year. The school blog is maintained in order to share as many of our exciting daily events as possible in real time. In addition, our private student web pages are designed to give families up-to-date information on their child.

Our teachers hold collaborative curriculum meetings. In those meetings, they review and share their extensive classroom observations in order to plan lessons tailored to their individual students, all centered around a school-wide investigation. These investigations are born out of our collective observations of our students' daily curiosities. We keep in mind your child's oral language skills and literacy development while creating lesson plans. For example, students and teachers might label the earth boxes in our teaching garden with the words soil, flower, and worms! Children in our Pre-K classroom have daily opportunities to record their thoughts as letter strings, pictures and words in a journal. All of this information is maintained as a teaching record in the classroom portfolios as well as student portfolios which serve not only as excellent educational records but also as cherished childhood mementos of our students' formative years.

Download the 2017-2018 Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar
Parent/Teacher Conferences Friday, November 08
UCA closes at 12:30pm (half day)
Thanksgiving Break Wednesday, November 27

UCA closes at 12:30pm (half day) on Thursday, November 27

UCA is closed Thursday, November 28 - Friday, November 29 

Winter Break Monday, December 23
UCA is closed Monday, December 23 - Wednesday, January 1
Spring Term Begins Thursday, January 02
Martin Luther King Holiday Monday, January 20
UCA is closed
President's Day Holiday Monday, February 17
UCA is closed
Teacher In-Service Friday, March 06
UCA closes at 12:30pm (half day)
Spring Break Monday, April 06
UCA is closed Monday, April 6 - Friday, April 10 
Parent/Teacher Conferences Friday, May 01
UCA closes at 12:30pm (half day) 
Teacher In-Service Thursday, May 21
UCA closes at 12:30pm (half day) 
Memorial Day Weekend Friday, May 22
UCA is closed Friday, May 22 - Monday, May 25
Summer Term Begins Tuesday, May 26
Fourth of July Holiday Thursday, July 02
UCA is closed Thursday, July 2 - Friday, July 3
Teacher In-Service Friday, September 04
UCA is closed
Labor Day Weekend Monday, September 07
UCA is closed
Fall Term Begins Tuesday, September 08


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